Dear Stakeholders,

As chair of the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council’s Ad-Hoc Food Truck Committee, I would like to clear up misinformation going around about the food trucks in our community and the neighborhood council’s position.  Because of the recent—and sometimes heated—debate about this issue, the Granada Hills South Neighborhood Council (GHSNC) has formed a committee to look into and address these concerns.

GHSNC hopes to act as a facilitator through which the community and all stakeholders can discuss, and possible come to some resolution or “gentleman’s agreement” about this matter.  We also want to bring information to the community as we learn more about what the City of Los Angeles is doing to regulate food trucks.  We hope to host a “town hall” type forum in the near future where all stakeholders can give input.  However, to clarify any misunderstandings:

  • The NC does not have the authority to ban or regulate food trucks, nor have we done so;
  • The NC duty is to represent all stakeholders in our community, which includes local businesses, community members (customers) and food truck owners.

We urge everyone to keep things peaceful and safe.  Please look for more meeting information as it become available on our website.



Sean M. Rivas

Secretary/Outreach Chair

Ad-Hoc Food Truck Committee Chair