PROPOSED PROJECT: An ordinance amending Sections 12.03, 12.22, 12.24, 19.01 and 21.7.2 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code; and amending Section 5.522 imposing regulations to permit sharing of one’s primary residence with transient guests, establishing an application fee and administrative fines for Home-Sharing, and directing Transient Occupancy Taxes derived from Home-Sharing to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the hearing is to obtain testimony from affected and/or interested persons regarding this project. The hearing will be conducted by the City Planning Commission, who will consider all the testimony presented at that time and any written communication received prior to or at the hearing from affected and/or interested persons regarding this proposed code amendment, as well as the merits of the draft ordinance as it relates to existing land use regulations.

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning is pleased to present the proposed Home-Sharing Ordinance (HSO), which addresses the issue of short-term rentals in the City of Los Angeles (per CF 16-1435-S2). Below you will find the draft Ordinance, the Public Hearing notice as well as a Quick Guide/FAQ to help understand the basics of the proposal.

The Home-Sharing ordinance will be presented for public comment at a Public Hearing on Saturday May 21 at 10am at the Deaton Auditorium downtown (please see the hearing notice for more details). Following this, the ordinance will be presented to the City Planning Commission for their consideration (most likely) at their meeting on Thursday June 23rd at 8:30 am in Van Nuys City Hall. You will be advised of that meeting, as well as provided a Staff Recommendation Report, two weeks prior to the meeting. If approved, the ordinance would then proceed to City Council Planning and Land Use Committee for their consideration.

You are also able to submit comments on the draft ordinance directly to me for staff consideration before June 6th (sooner the better). Written comments may also be sent directly to the City Planning Commission per their policy.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions on this matter.

Matthew Glesne, Housing Planner
City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning
Policy Planning and Historic Resources Division: Citywide Unit
200 North Spring Street, Room 667, Los Angeles, 90012 | 213.978.2666